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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sneak Preview into SQL Server Codenamed Kilimanjaro on April 30

On April 30th 2009, we will get a sneak preview into the next version of SQL Server platform, which has current name of "Kilimanjaro". One of the areas the webcast will cover is features such as Self Service Business Intelligence, Scale-Out Data Warehousing and Multi-Server Management. Additionally, we will get a sneek preview at Project Madision and a new BI Tool called Gemini, which should be very intersting.

A bit of humour.......

Out of curiosity, I wanted to understand why the name Kilimanjaro was adopted for this next release, which will undoubtedly change prior to release to manufacture (RTM), so did a little background research and can only conclude, (from Wiki) Kilimanjaro breaks Kilima (Swahili for "hill, little mountain") and Njaro, whose supposed origin varies according to the theories—according to some it's an ancient Swahili word for white or for shining, so decided to interpret this as the "Shining Hill" release or something we can see from a far!!

This is one not to be missed and for everyone interested, please use the following link to register for webcast:

Phillip Cox